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A home fully equipped with ENERGY STAR products uses about 30% less energy than a home with standard appliances, saving you about 30% on your energy bills. (ENERGY STAR)

Which do you think has a greater impact on the environment: housing or transportation? Because cars and trucks have become the poster children of environmental destruction, many people are surprised to learn that housing is more environmentally damaging than transportation. In fact, housing is more environmentally damaging than any other consumer sector, as a whole.

That’s because housing makes a significant contribution to ALL of the major environmental problems. For example, the heating, cooling and electrifying of homes causes emissions of greenhouse gases and common air pollutants, household chemicals contribute to toxic air and water pollution, landscaping and indoor plumbing consume a large amount of water, runoff from our lawns and driveways pollutes our waterways, and home construction impacts habitat in the forest where the timber was logged and at the construction site itself.

The good news is that the vast array of environmentally detrimental aspects of building, maintaining and living in the typical home presents an unparalleled opportunity for reducing the environmental impact of our day-to-day lives. From replacing a light bulb to installing solar PV panels, there are many, many things we can all do to green our homes. Step by step, purchase by purchase, anyone can do it, and those who do will be rewarded with a fatter pocketbook in the long run.

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