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Growing Up Green Presentations (Grades 1 - 5)

When it comes to protecting the environment, no one has more to lose than those who will inherit the planet that we leave behind: our children. We believe that children understand this and want a healthy environment for themselves and the wildlife that they love.

Our Growing Up Green presentations focus on three areas of environmental protection where children can make a real difference, in their own day-to-day lives: Recycling and Composting, Water Conservation, and Plastic Pollution. Our goal is to empower children to become stewardsKids presentation of the environment not just on tree-planting or beach clean-up days, but every day, for the rest of their lives.

PLEASE NOTE: because of the nature of our presentations, we currently offer presentations for small groups only (30 children or fewer).  

To schedule a presentation for children in grades 1 - 5, select the topic(s) you are interested in and provide your contact information below. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss the details.


Recycling & Composting

Using a slideshow and all kinds of consumer waste items, this presentation provides an overview of why it’s important to recycle and compost (nature’s recycling). Includes a hands-on sorting activity.

Water Conservation

Using various hands-on demonstrations and activities, this presentation teaches children just how precious clean fresh water is, and gets them thinking about ways they can save water each and every day. Kids learn that water truly is our most precious natural resource, especially during the historic drought we are currently living through.

Plastic Pollution

Using a two-part hands-on demonstration plus several visual aids, this presentation teaches kids all about plastic pollution and the impact it is having on the environment and wild animals, by showing what happens when animals eat plastic trash.


With the tight budgets schools are facing these days, we aim to keep our Growing Up Green presentations as affordable as possible. These fees are negotiable, so if they are beyond your school's budget, please contact us to discuss the options. These fees cover the cost of all presentation materials.

  • Presentation fee (30 students or fewer): $100
  • Travel Fee: $25 - 50 for any Los Angeles area school more than 5 miles from Redondo Beach (90278)

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