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The Green Life, A Guide to Sustainable Living in Los Angeles is now available on Amazon.com!

The Green Life

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The Green Life: A Guide to Sustainable Living in Los Angeles

The Green Life, available for purchase at Amazon.com, is an easy-to-use, at-a-glance guide tosustainable living in the modern world. The 64-page comprehensive yet user-friendly guide will help you reduce the environmental impact of your day-to-day life in the The Green Life Guideareas of Transportation, Food, Home & Garden, Solid Waste and Household Toxics & Hazardous Waste.

This is not just a list of things you can do to save the Earth. It's a guide to the what, why and how of sustainable living. Laid out in a simple-to-read table format, it contains hundreds of tips and resources to help you save energy, water and other natural resources. Even people who already know a good deal about green living tell us that they get a lot out of the guide. Although this edition of The Green Life has been fine-tuned to the Los Angeles area, we guarantee that it can help you live a significantly greener life, regardless of your zip code.

Cost: $14.99

To buy the Guide on Amazon click here, or search Amazon for "Jacecko" or "Teachinggreen." Learn more about the Guide here.