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The Green Life: Presentations for Adults

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”  ~Native American Proverb

Tough economic times, asthma on the rise, mounting evidence of a planet in peril. If there was ever a time to “go green,” this is it. It seems that every day, there's a new gadget, strategy or Adult presentationwebsite to help consumers save energy, water and other natural resources. Armed with these tools, adopting a truly eco-friendly lifestyle has never been easier.

At the same time, digesting today's flood of environmental news and endless lists of “Top 10 Things You Can Do to Save the Earth” can be overwhelming. Where to start? How best to spend your time, effort and money? Our Green Life presentations for adults, offered to groups in the Los Angeles are, take the mystery out of going green to help concerned individuals make truly effective environmental choices.

Participants in our Green Life program for adults…

The program covers the topics of Transportation, Food, Home & Garden, Solid Waste andHousehold Toxics & Hazardous Waste in a series of six presentations. Whether you're looking for a one-time speaker, want to hear all six presentations, or anything in between, give us a call, and we'll get it on the calendar.

Go beyond reusable bags and hybrid cars…
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WHAT are the presentations about?

Presentation #1: Tooling Around Town in (Green) Style

There’s a reason cars and trucks are the poster-children of environmental destruction: no other single consumer activity causes more environmental harm than personal vehicles. Reduce the impact of getting yourself from here to there and go a long way toward greening your life. This class covers transportation choices, vehicle maintenance, driving style and alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles. 

Presentation #2: Helping the Earth with Every Bite

Producing our food takes a surprisingly significant toll on the environment, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Thank Mother Earth for her delicious bounty by choosing foods that nourish the body without harming the Earth. Learn about the environmental impacts of various foods, including meat, seafood, and conventionally-grown produce.

Presentation #3: Making Your Home a Friend to Mother Nature, Part I (Green Building and Energy Conservation)

Your home represents an amazing opportunity to green your life because most everything involved with running a household affects the environment in one way or another. Learn how to make your home a model of sustainability, inside and out, and give the Joneses something meaningful to keep up with. Learn about the basics of eco-friendly decorating and remodeling and how to save energy (and money) at home.

Presentation #4: Making Your Home a Friend to Mother Nature, Part II (Water Quality and Conservation)

Learn how to make your home a model of sustainability, inside and out, and give the Joneses something meaningful to keep up with. Learn how to drastically cut your domestic water use and help keep our local waterways clean while you’re at it.  

Presentation #5: Simplifying Your Way to Waste-Free Living

We’re cutting down 100 million trees for junk mail and sending more than 250 million tons of municipal solid waste to landfills every year. Do more than you ever thought possible to stem the flow of natural resources to landfills. Topics covered include paper, plastic, composting, and general waste reduction.

Presentation #6: Detoxifying Your Planet, Your Home, Yourself

The average American home is full of products that contain toxic materials. Protect your health and the health of others by keeping toxics out of your life and the environment. Topics covered include toxic chemicals in the home and universal waste, including e-waste.

WHO is the intended audience?

Give us a call or use our online registration form and we will schedule a presentation (or series of presentations) for your group.

WHERE will we meet?

We will come to you. We just need a projection screen or even a white wall will do.

WHY TeachingGreen?

Participants will leave the presentation(s) feeling:

Plus, participants will receive the appropriate section of TeachingGreen's Green Life: A Guide to Sustainable Living, a 65-page guide to the WHY, WHAT and HOW of sustainable living. Anyone attending all six presentations will receive the guide in its entirety. Alternately, the guide can be purchased on Amazon.com for $14.24.

HOW MUCH does it cost?

We ask for $100 per presentation, but are willing to work within your budget.

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