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By eliminating just one pound of beef from your diet, you save at least 2,500 gallons of water, or the amount needed for more than 8 months of 5 minute showers at 2 gallons/minute. (Report: Water Inputs in California Food Production)

When we think about the environment and the many ways that human activity damages it, the neighborhood grocery store isn’t typically the first thing that comes to mind, if it comes to mind at all. We think of cars and light bulbs and litter. And while these things certainly have an impact, with the exception of cars, they are innocuous compared to the impacts of our food production, processing and packaging.

From the 780 million acres of land used for livestock grazing (35% of the total U.S. land area) to the water used to grow food crops for human and livestock consumption (nearly half of all water use due to consumer activity), to the water pollution caused by pesticides, fertilizers and animal waste from livestock operations, our food production takes a significant toll on the environment.

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